How are we going to help?

We want to take advantage of the benefits offered by Steemit —an innovative social network— to collect the necessary money that can be donated as cash or resources for the recovery of animals in need. The innovative element of Steemit is that users are rewarded for sharing stories that add value to members of this community.

 When members of Steemit make an upvote or share a story with which they identify, these actions become SteemDollars (a type of currency). Our idea is that the money (SteemDollars) that is received through votes or direct donations will become concrete resources that we will give to the people that helps animals in need. In this way, we give the opportunity for anyone to contribute to this cause, without factors such as time or money limiting their goodwill.

It is easy: just by voting, following and/or making a resteem of each publication, we get the money we need to give it as a donation in cash or in inputs to organizations or individuals that require funds to help the animals.

The values ​​that guide the work of the whole team of Let’s TeamUp are:



We want to help all people who identify with the suffering of animals and who intend to care for and protect them, but for different reasons are not in total willingness to do so.


We believe that through the advantages offered by blockchain technology, we can actively contribute to enhance the noble intentions of those who wish to contribute to the well-being of the animals, and of those who dedicate themselves to it, offering an alternative to connect them.


Our goal is to become a reliable organization, so that anyone can provide support to people that work for the care and protection of animals.


We are highly motivated by our cause: supporting initiatives and the desire to contribute to the welfare of animals, and promote a culture of respect for the lives of animals.

How does it work?


We will use Steemit to publish the story of animals that need help to recover.


The SteemPower that is obtained will be used for the growth of the project, with which we will vote the comments, the ideas and the publications of those who support it.


All members of the Steemit community who are eager to help can follow us, upvote or resteem our publications.


We will follow up the recovery of the animals that were benefited and we will publish the results that were achieved thanks to the common effort of all the people who participated.


The SteemDollars that we obtain from the publication will be given in cash or as resources to contribute to the recovery of the animals, and thus support the institution or people related to the publication.

The Next Step

1. Follow us

The more people join our cause, the greater the success of the project. If you identify with our vision, it is important that you follow our publications.

2. Make a resteem

Help us get more people to know our project by sharing our publications.

3. Upvote

Through the upvotes every publication receives, we obtain the funds to support those who help the animals. In addition, the more upvotes the publication has, the more likely it will be for it to appear in the trending section and reach more

4. Comment

Suggestions and words of encouragement are a great contribution, and they also make the publication more interactive and popular. Help us with ideas! Together we can make Let's TeamUp grow to support more animals.

If you want to contribute to the recovery of an animal and want more information on how you can do it, write us at so that we can guide you. We will also be happy to receive as many feedbacks and reviews of our new initiative as possible. If you have some improvements and ideas to offer, or you want to share your thoughts considering our work, feel free to write us.

I Want to make a donation

If you feel identified with our initiative and want to help the recovery of an animal through a direct donation, you can do it through PayPal or Bitcoins.

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Enter to Steemit and help

Steemit is a social network that rewards the publications made by members of this community with Steem: the base liquid currency in the platform.

Unlike many social networks, users, not shareholders, benefit from the information they post. This is possible because Steemit operates based on blockchain technology and cryptocurrency: decentralized and crowd controlled systems.

Do you want to be part of Steemit? Create an account by following this steps:

  1. Enter to the Steemit website and click on “Sign Up”.
  2. Enter your email and phone number. Once these data have been verified, you will be added to a waiting list.
  3. An email will be sent to you when your account is approved.
  4. Click the link that you have been sent in the email with the approval notification to complete the account creation process.
  5. SAVE AND BACK UP YOUR USERNAME AND PASSWORD. It is NOT POSSIBLE to retrieve this information or log into your account if you lose it.

Once you have saved and backed up your password, create your account by clicking the “Create Account” button.