Got Something To Ask?

I love your app a lot! Yet, sometimes I get a “server is temporary unavailable” message! I want to know if something can be done at these moments to continue using Tube Station.

We never stop working on our servers performance to make it stable. That’s why we’re launching a brand-new data-center in Europe to decrease the load of our server in the USA. Due to this process, our service can be unavailable from time to time. But we always notify our subscribers about the scheduled works and possible down-time via email.

Is it possible to sync my Tune Station app with a desktop computer?

Sure, we’re launching a native desktop app very soon, that will be able to synchronize not only with your very device, but with your account itself. All your settings, preferences and other data from your profile will be transferred to any device with Tune Station app that you authorize.

I can’t my favorite band in your library, what can I do about that?

We’re doing our best to make the Tune Station library the biggest and the most versatile in the industry, however, some artists or labels have an exclusive agreements with other streaming services and these agreements can’t be reconsidered in a moment. We hope we will be able to provide you with your favorite music very soon.