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Great interface, smooth performance, regular and notable updates — Tune Station does everything to become a leading and dominative music app for the millions of music fans around the world. Great launch!

I have helped many stray dogs and cats. Sterilization is one of the most important actions to reduce the suffering of these animals. I take advantage of every sterilization campaign in my community to bring as many dogs and cats as I can. The problem is when no campaign is organized… The amount of dogs and cats I can help is limited to what I can afford. I think Let’s TeamUp is a great opportunity for this situation to stop being a problem. Congratulations for your noble initiative!

Testimonial #3

I love animals and I do not like to see them suffering. I keep travelling because of my work, so I can’t settle in a place to take care of them as I wish. I believe that my vegetarian diet has helped to benefit many animals, but I think Let’s TeamUp gives me the opportunity to support specific cases, from any place in the world! This is great.

Testimonial #2

I live in a small space and I have not been able to help big dogs that live in the street so that they can recover and get a home. With Let’s TeamUp I can support people who do have space, but who are faced with other challenges such as resources. I love your idea!